SUB PARENT Hydraulic Hinge | 5 inches

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3 Years Warranty

Hydraulic 4-in-1 function door hinges are innovative door hardware designed to provide multiple functions in a single hinge.

  • Self closing
  • Adjustable closing speed
  • Hold-open feature
  • Soft-closing mechanism
  • Anti-violence feature
  • Rigid and soft
  • Soft-damping
  • Mute lock
  • Load bearing

Note: It’s recommended to use 3 pcs hydraulic hinge when door width reach 1100mm


The hydraulic self-closing door hinge is a type of hinge designed to automatically close a door after it has been opened. It uses hydraulic technology to control the speed and force of the door’s closing action, providing a smooth and controlled closing movement. These hinges are commonly used in commercial and residential settings where self-closing doors are required for safety, security, or energy efficiency.


The primary components of a hydraulic self-closing door hinge include a hydraulic cylinder, a spring mechanism, and control valves. When the door is opened, the hydraulic cylinder is activated, and hydraulic fluid is forced through the valves, creating resistance and controlling the door’s closing speed. The spring mechanism assists in providing the necessary force to close the door, while the hydraulic system regulates the speed and prevents slamming.


One of the key benefits of hydraulic self-closing door hinges is their ability to ensure that doors close securely and reliably, even in high-traffic environments. This can help maintain indoor climate control, improve security, and prevent the spread of fire or smoke in the event of an emergency. Additionally, these hinges can also contribute to accessibility by making it easier for individuals with limited mobility to navigate through doorways, as they do not have to manually close the door behind them.


Hydraulic self-closing door hinges are available in a variety of designs to accommodate different door weights and sizes, as well as specific application requirements. They can be installed on interior and exterior doors, such as those in office buildings, schools, hospitals, and residential homes. Some models may also feature adjustable closing speeds and other customization options to suit specific user preferences and building codes.


Overall, hydraulic self-closing door hinges offer a convenient and effective solution for ensuring that doors close smoothly and securely, providing both convenience and safety benefits for various types of buildings and spaces.




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